We share the love of working with food and in the kitchen, for five generations.

In Soupodnos we produce soups and dishes prepared in the traditional way. We use only natural ingredients, as in our grandmothers' kitchen.

We produce in Choceň ( Pardubice region)


in a family business, whose workshops have been completely renovated and are fully equipped with modern technologies.

Choceňsko, a region rich in  producers of local and quality ingredients such as local bacon, beef or potatoes.

Our cooperation with local manufacturers ensures control of deliveries of quality products.

Our factory is HACCP certified.


The congregation is the work of women and men with a passion for producing products with exceptional taste and high quality.

Our meals


they are prepared essentially without any preservatives or additives.


They are processed by gentle innovative technology. Nutritionally and tastefully balanced dishes will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Our production processes guarantee the safety of the products, as they are pasteurized and packaged.

Our traditional recipes

from pan-European cuisine are developed by a team of Czech and French chefs and are composed of simple and 100% natural ingredients.

We do not use any additives or preservatives.


Our products are packaged and pasteurized, thus retaining all their taste and nutritional properties. It will last you in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks.


Chicken with prunes, leg of cream, vegetable gratin, pumpkin cream and many other recipes are waiting for you to taste at home, in the office, with family or friends.

Services personnalisés mise en caisse


We are in favor of ecologic packaging. Our boxes are made of recyclable material.